Platform Refresh

The last few months have seen a bit of a tech re-org at home. Likely driven by the imminent arrival of little Fletch I had a desire to free up some space finish off some projects and simplify everything.

Digital nestbuilding.

I flogged my 27” iMac and bought a new Macbook 12 so I can work/browse anywhere. I physically cabled in some new access-points and set them up for roaming so I can walk from the house to garden without losing signal and then I put up a shed that I’ve turned into a home office.

My car-tech has also been upgraded after I went completely bonkers one Saturday and bought a new one that I’m sure has more power and gadgets than Saturn Five.

I’ve tweaked loads of other stuff as well that I won’t bore you with but suffice to say casa fletch er is now a digital mecca. Sonos in every room, Youview and Apple TV in the lounge and access decades of my music/video collection available at the push of a button.

Anyhow, this grand sort-out has finally extended to Addressing the state of this place is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Frankly, for the last two years has delivered no real value to anyone.

There was the odd bit of decent stuff in my blog which I will pick and migrate over but for the most part, the old content is all gone.

Nurd-wise the old LAMP stack and the hundreds of bits of PHP holding it all together weren’t really delivering either and have been removed. This is doubly great because I hadn’t learned anything new running it for years.

So this is now the updated It’s definitely a work in progress but expect to re-read some decent old content, see some new writing and get way better access to my photo archive and current goings on.