2020 BMW Alpina B3

2020 BMW Alpina B3

It’s a funny time to be into cars. The rate of change is astonishing, they’re like mobile phones.

You buy a car this week and by the next, lookout, there’s a better version available. You can see this through the window into the cabin with things like digital dashboards that are now pervasive, but it’s no less striking under the bonnet.

We’ve killed diesel, downsized petrol, added at least one turbo to everything, resurrected diesel, gone to 48v, pre-spooled superchargers and seen all sorts of software hacks. Let’s not even talk about the madness happening in electric cars.

Who buys a normal new car right now? You’ve no idea what the resale is going to be. In 3 years time you find your pride and joy is the equivalent of an old Nokia that no-one’s interested in.

There is however an upside to this rate of development and that is; cars have never been better. Which is also the biggest downside because cars have never been better.

You might think you want an e46 or e39 M car but then get a lift somewhere in a newish Golf R and you start to question your whole life.

My new Golf GTI completely ruined the cars and the vans I used to love. I had to sell it before I got my senses back. Even still, I can’t imagine really ever being in a situation ever again where I’m drunk ebaying for an old SEC or a Rallye on ebay with any serious intent. Who wants to drive something like that really?

Then you see something like this.

With the pace of development of electric cars and with just how feature-packed even the most basic boxes are. Alpina are still doing this to things.

I can’t tell you how much appeal this holds. It might be my age but owning one of these is right up my street today.

It looks amazing in touring form, it’s a great colour, I love the stickers, the turbine wheels and it does 180 odd mph! The cabin is tremendous, loads of toys and it still takes petrol!

Who is gonna buy one I have no idea but people like me must still exist somewhere and thank the lord they do and thank the lord for companies like Alpina.

Now, can the ‘leccy boys at Tesla release some fancy new stuff please to depreciate this into the ground so I can afford one in 18 months. Much obliged.

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