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The New Van

I had a campervan that you might remember that I was super proud of. It was one of the vehicles that I kept hold of for more than five minutes. I had it - wait - over three years. Oh my! It was a T4 from '03 (the last year they made this model). It had a 5 cylinder 2.5l TDI (the good one) and it looked the mutts nuts. Unfortunately it only had two seats and I need
- The New Van

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The Bike

I don't make many financially sound decisions but here's one you can't argue with. 9 months ago today I bought a secondhand bicycle to commute to the station on. Previously I was walking there and back which was tedious and dreary and took about 25 minutes each way. Cycling has revolutionised this part of my day, each way is now about 5 minutes. Of course, that isn't the full story. When I say "walking there and back" what
- The Bike

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Circles, Messaging and Control

About three years ago I was lauding Google Plus to anyone that would listen. I loved the 'circles' feature for its ability to tailor your online content and personality to match the situation - like we do in the real world. Context. Circles provided control over the reach & visibility of the things you put on the Google Plus platform which was excellent. Unfortunately Google got almost everything else about it completely wrong and today although it exists, Google Plus
- Circles, Messaging and Control

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Winter Tyres

Car tyres, are well-important. They are the things that attach your car to the road, which is key to making sure it goes in the direction you want when you turn the steering wheel. Most tyres do what you want most of the time. Which is fine if you only drive "most of the time" but you don't. In the UK you drive when it's hot and when it's cold, when it's wet and when it's dry. Often
- Winter Tyres

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Be Inauthentic

This is a worthwhile thing to spend 20 minutes watching. A man called Mark Bowden giving a talk at TEDx Toronto in 2013. I suppose there are lots of resources on the internet and in the bookshops about body language, but Marks talk is excellent and entertaining. It explains why you need people on your side in the first place. If you ever have to give a talk or present something or convince someone, this will help you.
- Be Inauthentic

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