Ballbag Bingo

I recently migrated a load of notes away from Apple Notes over to Notion. Notes is tremendous but if you haven't tried Notion you should.

My motivation for the move was getting down to a single app which supported Kanban as well as rich notes with attachments.

Notion for me delivers on that  combination of Trello and Apple Notes but it's also platform independent and doesn't look like it will disappear of the internet tomorrow taking all my data with it.

Anyway, whilst doing that I fell across this old list I made a few years ago. It's some of the total rubbish that I used to be told or I overheard in the office at the very corporate organisation I worked in at the time.

It's almost unbelievable. If you're a fan of management-speak, you might enjoy.

Get some skin in the game

We will kiss as many frogs as we can

Put some feet on the ground

It's not rocket-surgery in my opinion

Please will you get into bed with him

Are the new opportunities down in the weeds?

Target them on new logos!

I don't want another shit sandwich in my lunchbox.

If we had a bigger boat you wouldn't be able to sail it at this time of year

If it's very horsey piggy ducky then that's fine

We pushed the button on that issue.

Stick your nose under the tent!

Pull out the tablecloth but for fucks sake leave the flowers on the table

We are going to end up with loads of blood on the carpet.