I don't make many financially sound decisions but here's one you can't argue with.

9 months ago today I bought a secondhand bicycle to commute to the station on.

Previously I was walking there and back which was tedious and dreary and took about 25 minutes. Cycling has revolutionised this part of my day, it now takes about 5 minutes.

Additionally... when I say "walking there and back" what I actually mean is "getting a taxi home 2-3 times a week" which costs a fiver each time.

I haven't got a single cab home since I bought my bike. Let's do the sums:

Time saved: 45 min/day
Taxi saved: £2.25/day

If we say there's been 180 working days in the last 9 months:

Total saved: £405 and 150 hours

Cost of bike: £40

You need to knock off £7 for an inner-tube and £50 I spent on this incredible reflective jacket but that's still a pretty fucking decent £308 better off!

Did you see the time saved too? 150 hours. That's brilliant!

There are downsides of course. Cycling comes with a bit of faff. Remembering to charge your lights, having to wear waterproof stuff on occasion, locking it up at the station etc.

It is possible to minimise these effects though and it's absolutely still worth it.

When I get to the station after 50 minutes on the tube and I've only got a 5minute cycle to go... great feeling.