The Half Marabastard

I am doing a half marathon in aid of Woking hospice. Jesus Christ. Here, straight from http://www.justgiving.com/halfmarathonnightmare/ is my reason: Woking Hospice really looked after Rob Kinsey and his family during his illness. Kinsey was a […]

Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee

Here is a picture of me with Paul Daniels and the lovely Debbie McGee that I just uncovered at my parents! I very clearly remember remember this, we were on holiday in Devon and the […]

Billionth Birthday Bash

For the most part these “milestone” birthdays are a lot of utter nonsense, and I’m going to tell you why. Initially the ages that we celebrate have a real cause. The 1st, 13th, 16th, 17th […]

Ziggy Plays Guitar. A typical evening out.

To celebrate a year of being in their new house, Paul and Jen had a fancy dress party – the theme of which was “Heroes and Villains”. For a change I had loads of ideas […]
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I’m in the Poorhouse.

OH DEAR it’s a sad state of affairs when you can’t even buy two records on a Saturday morning without your credit card melting. Yep it finally decided to stop talking in the Vinyl Exchange forcing me […]

Lhasa to Kathmandu

Pretty much the journey consisted of driving past lots and lots of amazing scenery. The roads varied from freshly surfaced tarmac (rare) through to potholed rock-riddled tracks (pretty much all day) and sometimes we just […]

Auntie Pats Loft

My Auntie Pat is moving house and has unearthed a load of old photographs and slides that my created Grandad created throughout his life. This is exciting sort of stuff for me because my Grandfather […]