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Circles Messaging and Control

About three years ago I was lauding Google Plus to anyone that would listen. Loved the ‘circles’ feature for its ability to tailor your online content and personality to match the situation – like we do […]

Samsung Chromebook. The cheap one.

Last week I purchased a Chromebook, (the cheap Samsung one not the £1050 job announced yesterday, I haven’t completely lost my mind) and I think it’s a really really awesome little laptop. I’ve been met […]

The End of Free. Let’s hope.

The novelty of publicly sharing all of your stuff online is definitely coming to an end, I can feel it. Lots of my friends are techies and have always had pretty tight privacy settings online, […]

My Dream Phone Service

Is there a mobile phone provider that offers a proper converged service? I’d like to be able to open up my account online, and have access to all the features I currently have through my […]

Backwards Technology

Why do technologies sometimes go backwards? Take the humble mouse. Years ago they had three useful buttons. Then they dropped down to two and got scroll wheels. There have been exciting forays into side-buttons, built-in […]

Where are You? A Location tracking experiment.

ok so the experiment was interesting. For those of you not paying attention I’vebeen running an app on my phone – Nokia N82 – that uploads the phones gps position toa third party every minute […]