Getting hold of western toiletries etc is not as easy as popping down to the local Tesco/Walmart and picking up your fave items. At least in the places I’ve been to recently Thailand, Tibet and […]

Tibet and the High Plateau

Recently I’ve been feeling really travelled out. Zero motivation and all that.. over the past 10 months I’ve seen more picturesque lakes, mountains, temples, churches, cathedrals.. visited more hilltribes, villages, unique markets than any man […]

I Want to Ride my Bicycle.

The devil is in the details. Lots of funny little things go on in Chiang Mai none of which really make a story in themselves but if I tell you a few things at once […]

The Jungle is Where it’s At

The record for biggest shit-hole I’ve ever stayed in (previously held by the “Turtles Refuge” in Victoria BC) has been eclipsed by the “Chaing-Mai Guest House”! It was pretty bad. Lizards everywhere (both human and […]

Kiwi Tom

I don’t think I’ve dedicated a post entirely to one person before. Although Kiwi Tom – my current roommate in Nelson, BC – is intensely annoying I do have a soft-spot for him. Certainly my time here […]