Getting hold of western toiletries etc is not as easy as popping down to the local Tesco/Walmart and picking up your fave items. At least in the places I’ve been to recently Thailand, Tibet and now Nepal trying to find most of that stuff is nigh-on impossible - even in capitals like Kathmandu.

So yesterday when I spotted a shop window full of bottles, “Colgate” logos catching my eye, I went straight in to stock up. Of course they didn’t have exactly what I wanted but near enough. Mainly I was in need of some facewash I mean, I hadn’t exfoliated in over a week.

Now, until yesterday afternoon, ‘I hadn’t exfoliated in over a week’ was just about the least manly thing I’d ever said.

Browsing through the various poxes and potions on offer I picked up what I thought was some exfoliant, not a brand I’d ever heard of but from what I could decipher from the Nepalese (nothing) it would do the job.

Now, just as I was about to stick it on the counter I realised that I’d picked up a mud-pack instead. Ho ho ho, that could have been close.. I put it back and picked up another bottle instead, this time paying more attention.. it still wasn’t what I was after, in fact this was a fruit-pack “A fine blended refreshing pack for your face”.

I started to backtrack a bit and suddenly thought “why the fuck not that sounds awesome” so I stuck it on the counter, found some facewash, picked up a new toothbrush some more toothpaste and strutted out.

I got home, took a long shower, applied my refreshing fruit-pack, allowing it set whilst I watched a new pirated dvd, then washed it off in another shower, I then shaved, moisturised (yes!) and got dressed. I felt like A NEW MAN!

The Italians I’ve been hanging about with even commented that I was looking well as we walked to a restaurant for dinner, previously they’d mocked my computer-screen tan. Whilst I was clearly still a pale-faced honkey, I think I had a healthy glow about me. I’ll definatley be fruit-packing (no relation to fudge-packing I might add) again.

These 367 words were written on Tue Aug 1, 2006
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