My VW Camper is For Sale

My VW Camper is For Sale

Please note. This van is now SOLD.

So the time has come to sell the Van. This is the third and definitely the best campervan I have had yet!

The van will be going up for general sale in a week in all the usual places.

The Details

2015 T5.1 Highline model with air con, cruise control, factory bluetooth. Its a 2.0 litre TDi 5 speed manual, front wheel drive and is DVLA registered as a Motor Caravan.

Just 64,000 miles with fanatical service history. Purchased at 13,000 miles it has enjoyed oil and filter services every ~6000 miles. Cambelt and waterpump changed in August 2020.

The campervan carries five and sleeps up to four.

It is usable all year round on campsites as well as completely off grid thanks to a diesel-powered auxiliary heater and the leisure battery that charges from 240v hookup, or the running engine.

The van also has a discrete 160w solar panel on the roof which charges the batery for ultimate go-anywhere capability.

In the sunshine, this will run the van indefinitely.

There is a top loading fridge that keeps food fresh and drinks cold.

The rear 'RIB' seats cantilever out into a full size bed leaving free-space in the cabin and maintaining a generous boot space. Something that inferior 'rock and roll' beds cannot achieve.

The RIB seats have seatbelts, are crash tested and are installed to the van chasis with the approved braces. They also feature isofix for child seats as well as headrests which is a rare combination. They are trimmed in OEM VW fabric to match the front seats.e

The pop-top roof features an innovative pull-down bed that is child-safe and allows for it to be lifted with bedding still in place.

The van is full of smart storage, has two gas hobs for cooking as well as a sink with running water.

The extra boot-space available in the rear of the van affords room for a small chemical toilet which is very discretly placed. It is extremely usable for children and serves as a last-resort for adults.

The small toilet is a passport to many campsites that do not have facilities of their own and require your van to be toilet-equipped in order to stay the night.

It's a great campervan and is ready to go.

Just the headlines

  • T5.1. CAAB Engine (102hp, the one you want!) remapped to 160bhp by Pendle Performance (the experts at these engines and the only people you want to do this!).
  • 64,000 miles, Full service history. Oil + filter changed every 6000 miles plus regular cabin, air, fuel filters etc.
  • Top of the range Highline model. Air conditioning, cruise control, factory bluetooth.
  • 17" Black Rhino York wheels. BFG KO2 all-terrain tyres. Muddy fields, the snowy alps, 600 miles of motorway to the highlands, all no problem! They are 3PMSF marked for winters in europe.
  • Pop top roof, with double bed, windows and vents
  • RIB rear seats, trimmed in OEM fabric, with headrests and ISOFIX. Folds out to fully flat double bed. These are the best seats available.
  • Fold out dining table for four with swivelling double passenger seat.
  • 2KW MV Airo auxilliary diesel heater for cold nights or just to keep the van warm whilst you're walking the dog.
  • Top-loading fridge that can freeze down to -10 deg c.
  • Gas hob, two rings, sink with running cold water
  • Fire exinguisher, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector.
  • 110aH leisure battery, Victron bluetooth batery and charge monitor, LED lights along ceiling, over sink and bed lots of 2.4A USB sockets.
  • Professionally installed 240v hookup, with consumer unit and RCDs. 240v sockets, in-built CTEK 7aH leisure battery charger
  • 160W Solar Panel with Victron Bluetooth MPTT Controler. Runs the van infinitely in the summer.
  • Fully insulated and lined, sliding rear windows with barn doors
  • Insulating fixed blackout curtains on tracks. Will come with front windscreen cover.
  • Storage everywhere.
  • Porta potty 365 chemical toilet fixed in rear.
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