Five Alive. #2

This week a Beastie Boys theme. What's surprising about this is that nothing off Pauls Boutique has made the cut, despite it being my fave Beasties creation.

Brass Monkey is the sound of Licensed to Ill. It's unbeatable, so it's track 1.

Sabotage, is number 2 and impossible not to have in a Beasties playlist.

At 3 is Get It Together, which was my gateway into a whole world of hip-hop at age 14.

Unite makes track 4 because it's an underrated Hello Nasty highlight.

3 MCs and 1 DJ which is the final track, it's epic, and is the tune that got me listening to scratch DJs, starting to DJ myself and led to my own turntables and record collection.

Till next time five-fans.