The Garage

The Fleet

The three car challenge is my favourite game to play on long journeys. Three cars is all anyone needs. This list is what I’d really like in my fleet if time, space and in some obvious cases here, money, were no problem.

E46 M3

I think these are great things and I’m going to buy one this year. S54, don’t care if it’s a bit mucky. Don’t care if it depreciates.

A stock E46 M3. Albeit in Dakar Yellow.

Ferrari FF

I imagine if I could only have ONE CAR IN THE WORLD TO DO EVERYTHING FOR EVER it would be this. It looks amazing.  It has supercar build-quality, ie awfullness character. It’s 4WD. It’s got big breadvan boot. It’s a big MCoupe, with four seats. Awesome.

White FF in the snow


A mid to late 70s one. The profile and the proportions are just amazing. You can keep your Twisted Defenders and all their immitators I have no need for you.. Two words to justify this: School Run. Ha.

Arnies unimog

Interesting fact, the Unimog above used to belong to Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Ferrari F40

Obviously I’ve never been anywhere near an F40 but I wouldn’t care if everything ever written about them was wrong. Just look at it. I must have one.

Unobtainium F40.

Nissan Cube

Just look at it. I must have one.

Yes it is really a Nissan CUbe.

Z3 M Coupe

A flatmate and good friend of mine bought one brand new and still has it today. I have driven thousands of miles in it and would love one.
A Z3MCoupe. Steel Grey.

F150 Raptor

Far too enormous for the UK and they’re LHD but there is no alternative if you want a pickup really.

An F150 in.. the UK.

Alpina B5 Touring

Alpina build things you can time travel in. I’ll never forget being faced with a hungover 600+ mile slog back from Switzerland to Calais that turned out to be almost painless, thanks to being at the wheel of a 3.2S Z4.

It simply demolished the distance. Despite how rigid it was and the 19″ wheels and having the top down most of the way, it did not wreck me to pieces. In fact, my passenger mostly slept, which was handy because it was his car and I was collecting speeding tickets. This is Alpinas forte and I bet the B5 touring is astonishing.

Aplina B5 in Blue with cream leather

E39 M5

Famous build quality, V8 engine, total nerd BMW choice. This is a proper dad mobile and super-saloon. In real life you’d choose an E46 over an E39; but in fantasy car collection land why not have a straight six S54 and this 400hp V8 in your garage.

An E39 M5.

New Honda NSX

There hasn’t been much Japan in my motoring history and I regret that. I love what Honda stands for so I think their supercar has to make an entry. I know its hybrid and almost nothign else about it, but it’s in.

New Honda NSX

McClaren P1

I know that times have moved on a bit even since this was released but I fell in love with the P1 when I saw Chris Harris driving it round Yas Marina. In the bag.

P1 00V

Clio V6 Gen 2

This is one of those things, like the MCoupe or any new Alpina where you just think, “what did they make this for?” it’s amazing and you just can’t imagine these sorts of things ever being concieved again.

Renault Clio V6

What do I actually own?

A 2020 Ford Transit Custom and a 15 year old L322 Range Rover. The Tranny is a dual-cab daily wagon it takes us everywhere. The Range Rover is just for me. On roadtrips it's as luxurious as an old Bentley and at home I use it like an old tractor. It really is genuinely the only car you need.