Half Marabastard Training Pt 1.

Well the first of the bastard marabastard runs have taken place. It was meant to
be five miles, according to my virtual trainer Jeff Gaudette on Runkeeper.

Five miles for the first run, I mean for fucks sake. Anyway I managed 4.69 miles
Jeff so I hope that’s ok.

Frankly I could have done a bit more but it would have meant running back past
my house again and then returning which I simply could not face. I guess I
underestimated where halfway would be by a few hundred feet.

I feel surprisingly fine after it, though my knee hurts and the shoulder I
injured fucking 17 years ago falling into a mini-ramp on my skateboard is

Thank-you to everyone that has sponsored me so far, very very grateful, I will
do you proud.

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