Half Marabastard Training Pt 2.

Despite the lack of marabastard updates I have been keeping my hand in to do you
all proud I promise. In fact I have recently run a couple of much quicker times
after Googling “how to run”.

It turns out their is a technique to it which has taken me 32 years to discover,
it has taken minutes off each mile and I’m LESS knackered as a result.

Even so I still absolutely hate running. It’s boring, tedious and completely
knackering so please please sponsor me, it’s the only thing that keeps me going.

I want to raise £750 and I have made a great start with £300 from nine awesomely
kind donors. I’m CERTAIN however that I have more than nine people willing and
able to donate to this very personal and worthy cause… so please don’t be shy!

Although the Marabastard is only three weeks away I’m still not actually
training for the event itself instead I have signed myself up for the 8 mile
Valley Challenge which is the week before.

It is cross country, hilly running and that’s my current aim. Once that’s out the
way, I’ll do a couple of blasts on the pavement up to 11 miles and I’ll be ready
for the ‘bastard.

Please please sponsor me, your money will make a HUGE difference to Woking
Hospice. Link below X


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