How to Work Well Under Pressure!

How to Work Well Under Pressure!

This fantastic write-up of the nightmare situation a lobster fisherman found himself in has lots of ace lessons in it.

A Spec in the Sea – New York Times. I sent it out to my engineering team over the weekend to read and asked them what they thought about it. There are loads of lessons here that apply to working under pressure.

The things he did really well were; staying calm, remembering all the advice on what to do, and then not being afraid to ignore some of it.

Working out how to put the tide to use rather than swimming against it was a turning point too.

What he didn’t do well?

A 20 year career spent hanging about on an open-backed lobster boat and he didn’t wear a lifejacket, let alone carry a £200 beacon. I suppose it happens, but that seems crazy to me.

Go and have a read (you might need a cup of tea). It’s a great tale.

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