I'm in the Poorhouse.

I'm in the Poorhouse.

OH DEAR it’s a sad state of affairs when you can’t even buy two records on a Saturday morning without your credit card melting. Yep it finally decided to stop talking in the Vinyl Exchange forcing me to GASP pay in CASH. Yes real money.

In fact it was the last £20 note I had and handing it over left me with just a tenner in the whole world.

Of course this was wisely invested later on in the day on a Six Summer Sausage Selection and 24 Bierre D’or from Tesco.. well you’ve got to take advantage haven’t you.

As I type this I’ve got £1.80 in my pocket.. and that’s seriously all I can lay my hands on. Strangely I’m not even remotely phased. I’ve totally given up thinking about when these bastards I’m working for at the moment are going to pay me, and know only that sometime soon, (I’m estimating wednesday) my car won’t contain enough fuel to get me to work and so I’ll have to stay in bed..

I’m not an idiot but life is too short to sit around not doing the things you want just becuase something small, like money gets in the way. It’s a theory I applied when I went travelling.. I never turned down an opportunity, ever. It might have been buying two old cars, or flying 1800 miles for four days or even just going out drinking when I hadn’t bargained on it but I missed nothing. I didn’t plan on being like that but it worked very well and I’m not going to change it.

Of course my turn-nothing-down mentality lead to me spending every bean I had (and more) which definitely lead to my current financial standings but.. so what.

It’s not just the things you do but the experience the things lead to. If I’d decided to stay in the night I returned from Toronto to Montreal, I’d now have an extra £100 – big deal – I wouldn’t even recognise it. Instead I took my $200 Canadien, went to watch the Habs play the Leafs and had what still ranks as one of the funniest nights of my life getting up to hi-jinks with Jer and John in Montreals bars.

RIGHT NOW I’m sat in an office in Stockport, my job is ridiculously fucking boring and I’m looking forward to leaving when the contract is up in three weeks. Would I rather have £500 in the bank or would I rather have been to Everest Base Camp on a four day trek over the Himalayas and skydived from 15000 feet in New Zealand?

Same goes for this weekend, would I rather have gone home after work on Saturday morning and sat round all day till bedtime or would I rather have bought a couple of new records, worked them into a set I’m putting together then gone out to a barbequeue in the evening?

You gotta do what you can when you can. I’m not talking about spending over your means all the time, just about doing all you can to make sure that nothing gets in the way of an opportunity.

Anybody want to take bets on what’s next ?… I’ll give you 10/1 on crack cocaine and initiation into the sex industry or 100/1 on an invoice being paid!

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