More on backwards technologies. The perils of infinite scroll.

I have had a word about backwards technologies before so
here’s something else that doesn’t need any further improvement:

Infinite scroll.

This is the javascript technology that automatically loads more content as you
scroll down a page. It is supposed to save you from having to click “next” to
load up another batch of articles on a blog, making stuff all tablety and easy.

It’s bollocks.

I don’t need my browser to decide anything this simple for me. If I wanted to go
to the next page.. I’d just click next. I don’t want to get to the bottom
article and then be forced into loading the next five, it’s a pain in the arse.

The main problem with infinite scroll howver is following a link somwhere and then trying to go back.
There’s no mechanism to put you back at the same position in the list!
You are force start from the top and scroll all the way through everything you
have already consumed, lazy-loading them 10 at a time.

It’s an annoying, pointless nonsense that aides almost no-one.

Why do we want computers to make decisions like this for us? It took someone a
great deal of creative thought and work to come up with that pre-load…
but for me it’s a product with hardly any valid purpose.

A good use of computer-aided decision making is when your car deploys its
airbag. moving to the next batch of items on a webpage is something we can pretty much all manage handle ourselves.

Do one.

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