My Dream Phone Service

Is there a mobile phone provider that offers a proper converged service?

I’d like to be able to open up my account online, and have access to all the
features I currently have through my handset but fronted on the web.

Send a text, reply to a text, add someone to my address book, all synced properly in order with my phone. I want to be able to look at the message I just received on a big screen and search through my text history for that restaurant recommendation someone gave me a couple of months back.

If my phone is out of reach of a cell or flat why can’t I have a softphone embedded in the browser that I can take and make voice and video calls on? just as the type of handset I use isn’t dictated by the network, why do I need a handset at all?

If I lose my phone, why do I have to call up to report it, why not just log in and de-activate it, order my replacement… re-activate it when it’s arrived.

Some of the features already exist of course, I can send a text through the web on but its half-hearted. The text isn’t linked to my account, it doesn’t come out of my allowance, I’ll never see that text on my phone and the person who receives it can’t “reply” directly to it because it comes from a different number.

It’s not integrated.

Even things like paying your bill are antiquated. They basically have a scanned copy of your paper bill, only it’s online. They should be letting you have access to the raw data. show you the longest call, most expensive call, most popular numbers etc.

Anyway. Does anyone do this? Who’s the most integrated and converged mobile

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