The best X.

I often get asked what the best thing to get is. Well it’s this stuff.

Mobile Phones

Get an iPhone. An iPhone is the best phone experience you can have and if you get one with a big screen then you probably don’t need any other sort of computer at all. iPhones are powerful, secure, have great cameras and they last for ages. Plus all the best software is written for iOS.

I recommend: XR or above, in five years time you’ll still have it and be able to sell it for hundreds of pounds. If you’re looking second hand becuase it’s a big initial outlay then don’t get anything older than an iPhone 8.

There are lots of tempting looking Android devices out there, but they are almost all without question total shite.

The only acceptable Android devices are the Android One handsets from the likes of Xiaomi or Nokia, these are cheap but extremely cheerful at around £130. The Google Pixel 3a is alwso something you could buy without incurring my wrath at £399, but any of the regular Pixels cost nearly as much as iPhones.. so get an iPhone.

Proper Computers

Buy a new iMac. You’ll still have it in 10 years and it will still be completely usable. No PC will do this.

Buy the best spec you can afford at the screensize you want and you’ll never look back. It literally needs one single power socket and you can stick it on your kitchen worktop for everyone to use.

If you choose something that runs Windows from PC World on a wet Saturday afternoon then within a year it’ll be unusably slow and you’ll hate even having to switch it on.


Do not buy a laptop. Unless you’re a software developer, in which case, you’re not reading this.

Laptops are expensive, they need wifi, plugging in all the time and they’re heavy to carry about. If you want something a bit bigger than your phone that maybe has a full size keyboard buy an iPad Pro instead of a laptop.

MAKE SURE you get a cellular version, a keyboard cover and the Apple pencil VERSION 2. It will do everything you thought you needed a laptop for (including costing a fortune to buy) but it will change how, where and what else you use it for, for the better.

Never buy a Windows laptop unless your hobby is fixing and maintaining computers. Never ever buy any kinb of Android tablet.


A decent smartphone is 10x better than a tablet in almost every situation. If you have a specific need for a tablet then you probably already know that one of the iPad range is what you need.

I have the lowest spec iPad with a decent case and it never leaves the front room. The kids and guests use for games and as a remote control for music/lights etc. It’s good for looking at family photos together and googleing stuff we’ve just heard about on the telly.

If it was just me I wouldn’t have one because my phone does all that stuf and more too.


Buy what you love. If you don’t love cars but you do need one then look through the classfieds for something with a small petrol engine, is cheap and was made by Honda or Suzuki in the last 5-7 years. Everything is going electric

Books I’ve Recently read:

Staying on Track by Nigel Mansell. Bit boring.
Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari. Fascinating but read Sapiens first.
Customer Success by Mehta, Steinman, Murphy & Martinez. Plain speaking, great education.
The Walker’s Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs by Tristan Gooley. Interesting but preachy.
Think Dog by Jon Fisher. I think this is my favourite book.
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. Absolute enjoyment.
Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. Superb, fascinating.
London Under London by Peter Ackroyd. Nerdy and interesting.
Nigel: my family and other dogs by Monty Don. Lovely.

Stuff I’ve recently watched.

Hardy Bucks.
Catastrophe. Funny, sweet and close to home.
Curb Your Enthusiasm S2-8. It’s right up my street.
the F1. It’s alright, low time investment, enjoy it.
Top Gear S29. This is sunday nights really. New crew are great.
Game of Thrones. Huge investment, generally great but in too deep to give up now whatever happens.
Seinfeld. The first series might be the best TV ever made. The rest is great too.
T2 Trainspotting. Memory lane.
The Hateful Eight. Glorious.
The Grand Tour. Overall fairly boring. Low priority watch for the rare organic moments.
Gravity. Enjoyable swashbuckler.
Immitation Game. Bit annoying.
Legend. Fackin what mate.
Argo. Tense.
Dallas Buyers Club. Powerful, ace.
Mad Dogs S1. Superb characters, totally beliveable.
Locke. Dead good film, unique.