The new Alpina B3 Touring

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It’s a funny time to be into cars. The rate of change is astonishing, they’re like mobile phones. You buy a car this week and by the next, lookout, there’s a better version available. You can see this through the window into the cabin with things like digital dashboards that are now pervasive, but it’s no less striking under the bonnet. We’ve killed diesel, downsized petrol, added at least one turbo to everything, resurrected diesel, gone to 48v, pre-spooled superchargers and seen all sorts of software hacks.

Replacing the badge on a VW Transporter T5.1

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Here’s how to replace the badge on the front of your T5.1, aka a Volkswagen Transporter built between 2010 and 2016. Don’t try to ‘just twist it off’. Despite what you might have read on forums, unless your current badge is fitted incorrectly this won’t work. You’ll break the badge, or the grille. If it were possible to twist your badge off a your local Beastie Boys fan would have already done that, so follow this guide to avoid breaking anything.

The New Van

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I had a campervan that you might remember that I was super proud of. It was one of the vehicles that I kept hold of for more than five minutes. I had it - wait - over three years. Oh my! It was a T4 from ‘03 (the last year they made this model). It had a 5 cylinder 2.5l TDI (the good one) and it looked the mutts nuts.

Winter Tyres

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Car tyres, are well-important. They are the things that attach your car to the road, which is key to making sure it goes in the direction you want when you turn the steering wheel. Most tyres do what you want most of the time. Which is fine if you only drive most of the time, but you don’t. In the UK you drive all of the time. When it’s hot and when it’s cold, when it’s wet and when it’s dry.

VW T4 For Sale

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Please note, this van is now sold! It is with some reluctance that I put my van up for sale! I won’t be too sad if no-one wants to buy it! It’s the right one; A late model T4 2.5TDi and it’s only done 74,500 miles. First registered in 2003 it is in excellent condition. It is a rare (VW OEM) colour called Scarab Green and it looks the businessz.