Circles, Messaging and Control

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About three years ago I was lauding Google Plus to anyone that would listen. I loved the ‘circles’ feature for its ability to tailor your online content and personality to match the situation - like we do in the real world. Context. Circles provided control over the reach & visibility of the things you put on the Google Plus platform which was excellent. Unfortunately Google got almost everything else about it completely wrong and today although it exists, Google Plus is dying a slow and painful death.

Company Culture

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Whatever your business is at some point it involves human beings. Making sure that they are happy and into what you do is key to being very successful. You can tick along without thinking (or caring) about the culture in your organisation but any time and effort saved will likely cost you in other ways. Recruitment, retention and managing the quality of your employees will all become more difficult . If you don’t run an organisation that people want to work for, then salary is your only weapon.

Samsung Chromebook

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Last week I purchased a Chromebook, (the cheap Samsung one not the £1050 job announced yesterday, I haven’t completely lost my mind) and I think it’s a really really awesome little laptop. I’ve been met with intrigue and derision in roughly equal measures since starting to walk round the office campus with it this week. Let me tell you why I understand the sneers, why I like it and why it works for me.

The end of Free?

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The novelty of publicly sharing all of your stuff online is definitely coming to an end, I can feel it. Lots of my friends are techies and have always had pretty tight privacy settings online, but even my non-techie pals are getting in on the action. Gone are the days when you could click on a friend-of-a-friend and see their most intimate nights out on the town, no chance. People are rightly wising up.