Winter Tyres

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Car tyres, are well-important. They are the things that attach your car to the road, which is key to making sure it goes in the direction you want when you turn the steering wheel. Most tyres do what you want most of the time. Which is fine if you only drive most of the time, but you don’t. In the UK you drive all of the time. When it’s hot and when it’s cold, when it’s wet and when it’s dry.

More on Backwards Technology - The Perils of Infinite Scroll.

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I have had a word about backwards technologies before so here’s something else that doesn’t need any further improvement: Infinite scroll. This is the javascript technology that automatically loads more content as you scroll down a page. It is supposed to save you from having to click “next” to load up another batch of articles on a blog, making stuff all tablety and easy. It’s bollocks. I don’t need my browser to decide anything this simple for me.

Backwards Technology

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Why do technologies sometimes go backwards? Take the humble mouse. Years ago they had three useful buttons. Then they dropped down to two and got scroll wheels. There have been exciting forays into side-buttons, built-in rollerballs, mice that accept gestures or squeezes and of course there was the truly terrible mighty mouse which only had one button but was supposed to detect when you were trying to use it as a two-button.