The Bike

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I don’t make many financially sound decisions but here’s one you can’t argue with. 9 months ago today I bought a secondhand bicycle to commute to the station on. Previously I was walking there and back which was tedious and dreary and took about 25 minutes each way. Cycling has revolutionised this part of my day, each way is now about 5 minutes. Of course, that isn’t the full story. When I say “walking there and back” what I actually mean is “getting a taxi home 2-3 times a week” which costs a fiver each time.

Be Inauthentic

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This is a worthwhile thing to spend 20 minutes watching. A man called Mark Bowden giving a talk at TEDx Toronto in 2013. I suppose there are lots of resources on the internet and in the bookshops about body language, but Marks talk is short, excellent and entertaining. It explains why you need people on your side in the first place. If you ever have to give a talk or present something or convince someone, this will help you.

Working Under Pressure

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This fantastic write-up of the nightmare situation a lobster fisherman found himself in has lots of lessons in it. A Spec in the Sea - New York Times [] I sent it out to my engineering team over the weekend to read and asked them what they thought about it. There are loads of lessons here that apply to working under pressure. The things he did really well were; staying calm, remembering all the traditional advice on what to do, and then not being afraid to ignore some of it.

Where are you!?

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ok so the experiment was interesting. For those of you not paying attention I’ve been running an app on my phone - N82 - that uploads the phones gps position to a third party every minute or so which I can stick on a google map and then display on here. In other words anyone that fancies it can comes here and view a map with a little person drawn on it that represents me live right now!