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The devil is in the details. Lots of funny little things go on in Chiang Mai none of which really make a story in themselves but if I tell you a few things at once you might get a feeling of what it’s like to spend some time here.. First off the town is split into two parts.. not old and new but day and night. Daytime Chiang Mai sees lots of Thai people shooting around town on mopeds, often carrying anything up to three other passengers, planks of wood or poultry on the pillion.

Jungle is where it's at.

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The record for biggest shit-hole I’ve ever stayed in (previously held by the “Turtles Refuge” in Victoria BC) has been eclipsed by the “Chaing-Mai Guest House”! It was pretty bad. Lizards everywhere (both human and reptile) no glass in the windows (which were barred) and a bedroom door that had clearly taken multiple kickings. The shared bathroom on my floor was vile, there’s no light, which is probably a blessing. I guess that’s what you get for the equivalent of 68p a night.