The Drone

I've always fancied a drone, so on Saturday evening thinking about how busy the last few weeks had been at work and getting sick of being locked down, I ordered one.

I was extremely pleased with myself.

Me and my mates had Tamiya model cars as kids and we often fantasised about being able to afford (and fly) scale model helicopters. How awesome would it be to have something you could send up in to the air.

The drone came the next day (thx Jeff) and I have to say, I knew they were cool but oh-em-gee, when you first hit the take-off button and they launch up to like 15 feet and hover there looking at you, it's amazing.

They look like they're alive or like little alien craft.

12 year old me would have been blown away. The fact that it's got a built-in HD camera is something else as well.

Anyway, I flew it about for a bit and started to get a feel for it. Took some photos, video and just marvelled at the thing.

I flew it round the trees in the garden, all the way up to 400ft, razzed it around the allotment and chased the dog with it.

It was ace and to top it off I was good at flying! I put this down to my time driving Tamiyas.

I then demonstrated why no-one that's only had a drone in the air for 15 minutes is good at flying it.

Going for a sweeping elevation shot of our house, I got the ascent speed completely wrong. The drone never made it over the top.

Instead I flew it at absolutely full pace into the stone gable end of our barn.

It was looking so sick too as approached the house, on a perfect-looking arc up over the top of it, which obviously, wasn't perfect.

It was a shock when came to an instant stop. Props no longer whirring it smashed off the wall and dropped out of the air.

They're noisy when they're flying and there was just this total silence as lots of tiny Chinese plastic pieces hit the ground and got lost in the bushes.

Luckily, I'd taken out the drone insurance so it went back to DJI who replaced it for £35 excess, but you only get two of those claims.

I've since broken arms on it twice again, but both times repaired it myself with bits off ebay. Saving my final claim for the inevitable bigger second crash.

I love the drone, it's not something you use every day but when you get to fly them the shots are well cool. Peace.

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