The Half Marabastard

I am doing a half marathon in aid of Woking hospice. Jesus Christ.

Here, straight from is my reason:

Woking Hospice really looked after Rob Kinsey and his family during his illness. Kinsey was a total top-banana and the hospice deserves this incredibly modest donation to keep providing formidable support to people.

Please donate generously

I absolutely hate running half marathons, I did one in reading 8 years ago and it was horrible. You’re not sponsoring me to spend a week fettling with llamas in the himalayas or do a sky-dive, this marabastard will require significant committment, effort and willpower on my behalf. There are no upsides other than the knowledge that the money raised will absolutely make a difference.

If you find it hard to connect yourself with this type of request, remember that Rob worked with me, drove a car, had hobbies, a wife, kids and nipped down the shops for stuff. Just total normality until melanoma was discovered.

He was one hell of a big strong bastard but the support of the hospice was something that he and his family still really really needed and benefitted from hugely.

Please help me blow my target out of the water, it is an incredibly worthy cause and I want to give a big thumbs-up to them in Robs memory.

So there you go. Please support the marabastard by texting BSTD99 followed by £2, £5 or £10 to 70070. You can donate amounts larger than this on the website.

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