The Passage of Time

Saturday morning at The Barn we did a small amount of gardening, helping to clear an overgrown area which was full of thick bush and ivy.

A couple of big trees in there looked quite damaged so we needed to make room for them to be properly inspected.

The trees will have to face the chop. The ivy has owned them.

At one point I looked around at the shifting, sawing, lopping, dragging and thrashing going on, and I wondered how long it had been since it was last cleared. Turned out that it had been something like 10 years since anyone really ventured that way, so it had never been kept back.

Ten years isn't really that long but the plant-life had taken the area completely back. No issue, just like "yep we'll have this back whilst you're over there doing something else".

It's nice to know that when we've finished fucking about on the planet, it'll probably just breath a huge sigh of relief and tidy up after us.

Our houses invaded by vines, grasses and tree roots. I like that.