Top Five Fish

Top Five Fish

5 – Herring

The Herring is utterly abundant, there’s fucking LOADS of it left which is great
for the sea because herring are well into plankton and they consume a massive
amount of it. It’s also great for us because they’re bloody delicious. Get it
down your neck, grill some whole herring and eat it with some spuds and a few

4 – Kipper

Kippers for breakfast, delicious with knob of butter. You will become a stinking
social outcast but it’s a small price to pay for some personal space on the tube
in the morning.

3 – Sardine

The humble sardine is an amazing fish and also appearing in this list as a cheat
because, that’s right fish-fans, the Sardine is pretty much a small Pilchard
which itself is almost a Herring. They’re dead easy to grill and have on toast.
Eat the buggers whole or chop their heads and tails off if you’re inclined.
Dolphins are well into their sardines and they don’t miss a trick, so make sure
you don’t either.

2 – Salmon

Steam a bit of salmon and have it with a poached egg and some salad. Salmon is
delightful, I love the taste of it and it is a brilliant fish but I think what
pushes it to the number 2 spot is it’s life. What dedication! Seeing an Alaskan
Salmon shooting upstream only to be grabbed mid-air by the paw of an excited
grizzly bear, AMAZING. What a treat for the bear!


GOD DAMMNIT I LOVE A MACKEREL. In all forms, the fresher the better of course
but recently I’ll admit to regularly purchasing a vacum-packed trio of smoked
mackerel fillets and adding them to pasta, salads or just eating it straight
away with a fork.

Oh, and I’d better thrown in the anchovy too.

Till next time fish fans.

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