These are either shows I'm catching up with or movies I'm knocking off my list. I'd like to watch more films.

Catastrophe S1-3
Curb Your Enthusiasm S2-8


The Grand Tour S2 Pretty tedious. Keeps kids still.


Game of Thrones S7. SPOILER Better than 6, in too deep now to bail out.
F1 2017 (on and off). At least Max Verstappen was entertaining.
Seinfeld S1-9. That first series, so good.
Game of Thrones S6 Still pretty good.
Top Gear S24 Still not quite there.
T2 Trainspotting Memory lane.
The Hateful Eight Glorious.
The Grand Tour S1 Rare organic moments.
Gravity Enjoyable swashbuckler.
Immitation Game Bit annoying.
Legend Fackin what mate.
Argo Tense.
Dallas Buyers Club Powerful and brilliant.
Mad Dogs S1 S2 quick plz.
Locke Dead good.