Broad tech skillset and a natural aptitude for combining technology, business and people.


You can have a look at my CV here if you like.

Right now, I work at Blink, we built a mobile app for work that informs, connects and enables employees at hundreds of companies around the world. My time here however is coming to an end.

I'm looking for contract work in London delivering a technical project or leading a technology service or team.


Yes. 15+ years experience in enterprise IT; managing, implementing, supporting and troubleshooting technical solutions & teams.

Before helping to grow Blink and becoming Service Operations Manger there, I ran a £4M/year network practice, mentoring and growing 50+ network engineers.

Now I want to move into contracting, something I haven't done for a while.


I am always up for listening to new ideas so still feel free to give me a shout about any project or startup you're working with. I will certainly listen and help bounce some ideas around.

I'm particularly interested in building things that are super focussed on addressing one specific thing really really well.

Industry wise I'm particularly motivated about health & patient care, the environment & waste management, mass transit, empowering citizens and almost anything at all involving cars 🚗 and engines 💨.


I have an honours degree in Computer Networks, three A Levels (Chemistry, Physics, Industrial Design) and lots of vendor acronyms - mostly expired - from 20 years of being involved with technology, networks and other clever people.

The last qualification I took was a CCIE written because some of my engineers suggested I was losing it (it turned out I was), nowadays I only occasionally surprise my colleages by sending them PRs!

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