15+ years managing, implementing, supporting and troubleshooting technical solutions & teams.

2003-2016: A variety of hand-on technical enterprise IT roles. Ultimately running a business unit for a professional services company, generating close to £4M/Year revenue.

2016-2018: Service Operations Manger for SAAS startup Blink. Responsible and accountable for Blinks service globally. Well versed in the processes, governance and technology required to deliver effectively with development teams.

Today: Network Automation Consultancy. Current project involves a small team of software developers automating workflow and building utilities to manage a complex and diverse enterprise network.

We're reducing OPEX and incidents, improving process and standards, increasing stability and free-ing up engineers from repetative tasks.


I have an honours degree in Computer Networks, three A Levels (Chemistry, Physics, Industrial Design) and lots of vendor acronyms - mostly expired - from 20 years of being involved with technology, networks and clever people.

The last qualification I took was a CCIE written because some of my engineers suggested I was losing it, (I was) nowadays I only occasionally delight and surprise my colleagues by sending them the odd PR.

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If you're looking for rants, blogs, travelogs and blow-by-blow accounts of intoxicated weekends, they are all gone. I only occasionally miss these written memories. ❤️.