Paul Fletcher

Man with a credible technical history in enterprise platforms, IP networks and nearly every internet technology.

Today I work for a brilliant little business in Central London that built a messaging platform. It is massively improving how employees work together and access the data they need.

You can read my thoughts on having the right company culture here. I love music, I like cars, I can often be found in the great outdoors up a hill and I like drinking beer (which I can brew).

What next?

I'm always up for listening to new ideas so feel free to give me a shout if you want a sounding board.

I am interested in smart ways to improve health/patient care and I'm up for almost anything involving technology in vehicles.

I'm already working in my dream job and not looking for employment.


I have an honours degree in Computer Networks, three A Levels (Chemistry, Physics, Industrial Design) and lots of vendor acronyms from 20 years of being involved with technology, networks and other clever people.

Most recently I took a CCIE written because some of my engineers were giving me stick. Right now I'm interested in micro-services embedded in messaging, simple product design, surfacing difficult data, bots, AI and human interaction!