Man with a credible technical history in enterprise platforms, IP networks and nearly every internet technology.

Today I work for a tremendous company called Blink. We built an employee app for frontline workers that keeps them productive, trained and informed. It's has a slick personalised feed and it lets you deal with about 80% of your daily workflow in about 20% of the time.

You can probably save a day a week using it.


IT infrastructure for large corporates. Hands on with Datacentre, Windows and Enterprise UNIX server platforms then a decade in Networking with a niche London PS provider. Planned, designed, implemented. Ran and grew a 50 strong business-unit, sucessfully exited in 2013.


I'm always up for listening to new ideas so feel free to give me a shout if you want a sounding board about any project you're working on.

I'm particularly interested in health/patient care and I'm up for almost anything involving vehicles or the great outdoors.


I have an honours degree in Computer Networks, three A Levels (Chemistry, Physics, Industrial Design) and lots of vendor acronyms from 20 years of being involved with technology, networks and other clever people.

The last qualification I took was a CCIE written because some of my engineers suggested I was losing it (turned out I was), nowadays I only occasionally frighten my colleages by asking them to approve my PRs!

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